Precision Aerial Brush Control
Using digital GPS mapping to spray precisely what needs to be treated and nothing else
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Precision Brush Control for: Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Yucca, Shinnery & Brush Sculpting - Use our Herbicide Saving Calculator


Big Benefits No Matter What Your Management Plan is

Managing primarily for Cattle?

  • Save 10-50% over fence-to-fence spraying
  • Much more cost effective use of chemicals
  • Precise, acre-by-acre spraying only where brush is thick enough to justify the cost
  • Optimize ROI by factoring soil productivity into the spray plan

Managing for Cattle and Wildlife?

  • Treat brush in areas where it won't hurt your wildlife income
  • Buffer around food plots, deer stands
  • Preserve key habitat components
  • Manage for balance between grass production and habitat

If your ranch is like many, you are trying to balance revenue from cattle production with revenue related to wildlife. Hunting income continues to soar. On every ranch there is an optimum balance between grazing income and hunting income. You can treat your brush (and increase grazing production) without having a negative impact on wildlife.

Managing primarily for Wildlife?

  • Brush sculpting customized for deer & quail
  • Leave travel corridors, and cover, nesting, bedding areas
  • Increase 'huntibility' and stand effectiveness
  • Create openings for food plots

Regardless of the priorities on your ranch, our approach will save you money and produce better results.


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