Precision Aerial Brush Control
Using digital GPS mapping to spray precisely what needs to be treated and nothing else
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Precision Brush Control for: Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Yucca, Shinnery & Brush Sculpting - Use our Herbicide Saving Calculator


Herbicide Saving Calculator

Use the radio buttons below to chose the areas you would like to keep from spraying and see the savings.

Spray cropland and water?
Yes No
Optional buffer around water and ag.
Spray Hardwoods?
Yes No
Hurts your chance for gov't cost-share
Spray bare ground?
Yes No
Why waste the money?
Spray cedar (juniper)?
Yes No
Herbicides for mesquite won't kill cedar, so why waste the money?
Spray mesquite?
Yes No

Save $0 on herbicide*
OR use the extra chemical to treat 0% more acres.

*Based on $29/acre rate for chemical and application


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