Precision brush control services for Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Yucca, Shinnery and Brush Sculpting

Precision Brush Control

The target brush species for treatment is mapped in red. Why on earth would you spend money on herbicides to spray the other areas ?

Precision Brush Control
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There’s a new and better way for aerial weed and brush control. We fly over your ranch and map the vegetation types with infrared camera systems. By using these custom GPS maps of vegetation types to run the spray system, only precisely what you want to treat gets sprayed. It’s set up ahead of time, on the ground, so you know what the result will be.

Fighting mesquite, only mesquite gets sprayed…
Trying to control yucca, only yucca gets sprayed…

Recent improvements in aerial spray systems and computerized vegetation mapping have enhanced the options for those involved in range management. Aircraft with special GPS spray systems can read digital vegetation maps on the fly – automatically cutting on and off to spot-spray patches of brush as small as 1/4 acre.

Precise application without high helicopter expense…
No pointless fence-to-fence spraying…

Decisions about exactly what’s going to get sprayed are made ahead of time – on the ground, in a relaxed environment. The pilot is free to concentrate on making the best application possible, instead of trying to make spray-on/spray-off decisions in the air.

Precision Brush Control Mapping

About Us

We combine 20+ years of vegetation mapping experience with 20+ years of brush control experience.

Precision Brush Control Mapping


Save 10-50% over fence-to-fence spraying. Much more cost-effective use of chemicals.

Precision Brush Control Mapping


Our map-driven approach results in more cost-effective brush control and options like brush sculpting.