Cost-Effective Brush Control


We offer customized aerial brush treatment. This automated, map-driven approach results in more cost-effective brush control, and allows for special options like brush sculpting. It’s a simple three-step process:

1. Determine Goals

We work with you to learn your brush management goals and provide options that will get you the results you want – whether you’re managing for cattle, or managing for wildlife, or a balance of both.

2. Map the Vegetation

We use high resolution aerial imagery, and use spectral analysis software to map the different types of trees and brush. It’s often as important to accurately map what you don’t want to spray in addition to the target vegetation types. In most cases, it’s rare that suitable imagery is available, so we use our own infrared aerial camera system to acquire infrared photos that will do the job.

3. Format the Maps

We create the digital files for the automated spray system on the aircraft that will do the application.

Our company doesn’t do the actual spraying. We work with a network of the best aerial applicators in several states. Odds are we can work with your favorite applicator.

If you have a 600 acre pasture, but a brush control budget for only 400 acres, we will set it up to treat only the thickest 400 acres within that 600 acres. That way, you get the most bang for your buck.

If you want to treat your oak shinnery, but would like to leave 30% of it sculpted in natural patterns (no more strips!) for deer and quail, we’ll set it up that way.

We can use any of the following to determine what gets treated:

  • Vegetation type (mesquite, prickly pear, cedar, salt cedar, oak, cottonwood, etc.)
  • Tree size (leave big cottonwoods for turkeys, big oaks for bow hunting)
  • Soil type (manage for grass on most productive soils)
  • Slope (avoid erosion problems, maximize herbicide effectiveness)
  • Brush density (spray most cost-effective areas)
  • Buffer around sensitive areas (water, food plots, critical habitat)

No matter what your brush control problem, we’ll help you stretch the dollars you spend on treatment and enhance your wildlife income at the same time!

As a bonus, you can get a great new aerial map of your ranch